Multi-Angular Vise

Rotating arm for angles of 20° to 180°

The MULTI-ANGLE VARI-VISE can be used to clasp and join corners at ANY ANGLE. SIMPLY set the swing arm to any desired angle and lock into place. Picture framers, Window framers, Mirror and glass shops, Wood workers, Cabinet makers, Artists and Craftsmen can create SOPHISTICATED and UNIQUE designs. Use the VARI-VISE with wood, metal, plastic or VIRTUALLY ANY MATERIAL you want to join. Why buy a vise that is locked at 90 degrees when you can have the VERSATILITY of the VARI-VISE. VARI-VISE is available right here through World Wide Web.

The VARI-VISE is made of cast aluminum. It is approximately 12" long, 8" wide, 6" high and weighs only 4 lbs. The stock clamps will accommodate materials up to 5" wide.

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

Attention Markets in the Fields of:

Hobby, Arts and Crafts Shops

Mirror and Glass Shops

Photography Studios

Picture Framing Shops

Tool and Hardware Outlets

Trade Schools

Window Shops

Woodworking Shops

Vari-Vi Inc., is a member of P.P.F.A. and will be active in future Trade Shows,
Picture Framing Magazine and Decor publications.

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